First Class on Monday, January 12 @ 7pm!!!

What’s up everyone? The gym is finally at a point to where we can begin our first class open to the public. It’s Monday at 7pm. Contact us if you’re interested in coming, or if you decide to drop in at the last minute, just come on in. We have our rowers, wall balls, bumper plates, plyo boxes, jump ropes, training bars, Olympic bars, kettle bells, etc, all ready to go so you can learn how to ‘get some’.
And remember, you’re first week is FREE, so why not give it a shot…I mean…it is REALLY awesome!

contact or call 818-635-6264

We will follow our regular night time schedule for the first week (listed in the ‘schedule’ tab). Let us know if you’re interested in early morning CrossFit, so we can get that rolling too.

See you there Monday night at 7pm!