New Class!!!

What’s up everyone!

So we’ve been open a week, and we’re already adding our second set of new classes! Yeah, CrossFittin’ is good!

For those of you like me, who aren’t morning people, and already have your nights booked with all the things that CrossFit helps you not suck at…

We’re starting our afternoon training…just call it ‘LunchFit’. Ok, maybe we’ll call it something cooler, suggestions?

The afternoon class will go from 12:30pm-1:30pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We’ll fill in other times as it continues to grow!

And while you come get your ‘Fit on, make sure you take advantage of our Grand Opening Special: $49 per month & Unlimited classes.

Did you know we offer a 10% discount to Military, Police, Firefighters, and all First Responders/LEO? Well now you do! 🙂

Contact us at or call 818-635-6264