090123- Friday

What’s up everyone!!!

Awesome classes the last couple days…I have lots of pictures to post! We have been so excited with the size and intensity of our classes…we honestly didn’t think this would begin to happen for a couple of months…so we’ve gotta give a big THANK YOU for everyone who is dropping in, calling, emailing, and Working Their Butt’s Off!!!! It’s absolutely amazing!!! Thank You!
We’re also extremely excited with the amount of CrossFitter’s taking advantage of our insane Grand Opening Special!!! From first time CrossFitter’s to people doing it for a few years, we’re amassing a great bunch of people to work out with and get really Fit…no…wait for it…CrossFit.

Our Grand Opening Special will last all of January, but don’t wait long, I can safely say we’ll never have another special like this again!


Team Work Out (Partner Up!)

5 rounds for time:

One person does weighted overhead walking lunge down the length of the floor and back. While one partner is doing weighted overhead walking, lunge, the other partner does Kettlebell swings.

Yeah, pretty brutal!


Who doesn’t love Med Ball Cleans and Burpees?


Ryan loves 6am burpees!


Adele keeps Greg anchored during Tabata Sit Ups


Great job on Overhead Lunges and Kettlebell Swings!


Greg and Carly crank out weighted lunges!



New guy Dan, just back from Iraq, goes as Rx’d overhead!


Good Job on Round 5 Christine!


Anyone notice that I’m making my own ongoing tribute to Greg immediately after the WOD? That’s what giving your all looks like!


Joe and Carly can’t believe Adele still has pep! 🙂

See you guys tomorrow @ 6am or 12:30pm…or Saturday @ 8am!!!