090124 – Saturday



5 Rounds for Time:

400 Meter Run

95 Pound Overhead Squat

(Scale appropriately!)

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to try out CrossFit…something along the lines of…”I don’t think I can do the WOD” for reasons either technical or physical. One of the best parts about CrossFit is that its workouts are designed to be universally scalable. What does this mean? Can’t run, try rowing. Can’t do 95 pound overhead squat, try 65 pound overhead squat, or PVC pipe overhead squats….or just squat.

But my very favorite part of CrossFit…is that you get actual quantifiable results regardless of where you are on the fitness continuum! For firebreathers and newbies, these workouts are designed to push you regardless of your background or preparation. All results at CrossFit North Hollywood are recorded and compared with past results to acurately measure your progress. Your progress is our business 🙂

To take advantage of our free week trial and other Grand Opening Specials, please email crossfitnoho@gmail.com, or call 818-635-6264


New gal Beth and husband Eric join Carly for our afternoon WOD: 3 rounds: 500 meter Row, 21/15/9 Push Ups and Kettlebell swings


Carly doing good with the ‘Russian’ swing, says wants to do the overhead ‘Santa Cruz’ next time!


Beth showing great form on her kettlebell swings…and had never done CrossFit before! Awesome job!


Police officer Eric took advantage of our First Responder discount…and I took advantage of him working out to his capacity 🙂

See you all Saturday @ 8am!