090204 – Wednesday…

090204 – Wednesday…

Awesome afternoon class today! One of the best things about CrossFit…if I just think of something to do for a workout…people will pretty much do it!

We had a diverse afternoon class first timers and more experienced CrossFitters. What to do what to do….

Bingo. ‘Annie’ and 3 rep max deadlift! Constantly varied…YES!

For those that aren’t familiar ‘Annie’ is a CrossFit Benchmark workout:

50/40/30/20/10 reps of Double Unders (2 passes on the jump rope) and Sit Ups for time.

Then we practiced deadlifts. People who have been through the Elements techniques began to find their 3 rep max lift while the newer people got comfortable with all the points of performance on the deadlift (aka health-lift).


The afternoon crew working on Double Unders!


New guy Simon from Australia busting out his Sit Ups and using CrossFit to help rehab his knee! That’s exactly what functional movement is for!


Police Officer Erik has been CrossFitting for a while…and it shows. Great form on his 300lb deadlift!


Finally my friend Joseph Salim a 3 time Olympian from Denmark and Hungary came by to say hi. He also said ‘take advantage of the February Grand Opening Special and get CrossFit!’ Ok maybe he didn’t say that…but he did say I needed to get longer shorts 🙂

See you all tonight!