090205 – Thursday

What it is everyone…what it is….

Last night’s WOD:

Start with med ball chases. What’s a med ball chase? Grab a med ball and start running. Then have someone run after you. It’s hard, and pretty hilarious. I was laughing too hard to take photos, but I’m sure if you axe (ask) anyone driving on Lankerhim Blvd last night they’d probably have a hard time describing what they saw too…

Then we did a modification of ‘Annie’: Same rep scheme: 50/40/30/20/10, double unders stay the same, but sub sit ups for deck squats.

What the heck are deck squats? Besides being awesome…and just a little funny when you can’t get one completed, it’s a back roll into a squat. Maybe that will help these photos make more sense!







CrossFit…often harder than it sounds…and always more rewarding than you can imagine!

See you all tomorrow at 8pm!