090213 – Friday

090213 – Friday

Thursday nite:

– squat focus reps then 50 nonstop reps (for form not time)
congrats to all for makin it thru all 50 reps unbroken!
– run skills; butt kicks & high knee skips short sprint touches

WOD: 3 Rounds for Time of
200m run (or 250m row)
50 x KB swings
50 x sit-ups
             fastest time = 16:27

Friday a.m. class did a variation of this with less running distance…
5 rounds for time of
3 short sprint suicides (up & back across mat = 1ooft)
30 x KB swings
30 x sit-ups
            J = 19:51         A = 17:43         R = 14:24

so the thought wuz that this version would be a bit faster and a lil more intense (especially given the fitness levels of these guys  compared to those present the nite before) but only one person finished faster than the top Thursday nite time.  interesting….