090217 – Tuesday

090217 – Tuesday

What’s happenin everyone! I’m back from Las Vegas…I had a big plan to get photos of myself doing handstand push ups in front of each huge hotel…but I was stuck inside all day. I was amazed at how many people in the martial arts community were blown away that we do CrossFit! Keep in mind the rules of the international martial art competition I was coaching at are to kick your opponent in the face hard enough to knock them out…my average reaction was “CrossFit…that’s intense stuff.” My answer…yeah it’ll kick your butt.

Monday’s WOD:

“Linda” (aka – 3 bars of death) modified

1x body weight deadlift

.5x body weight press

med ball cleans

10 9 8….1.

Post times to comments.


Great job everyone!


New guy Taylor and new gal Michelle doing a great job on deadlifts and presses!


Leah cranks out her deadlifts in route to the fastest time on tonight’s WOD! Great job Leah!!!




Meanwhile Josh and his cousin Aaron do ring dips because it’s their 2nd class of the day…Kris made sure to kick their butt: ‘JT’: 21-15-9 of Ring Dips Hand Stand Push Ups and Push Ups….Yeah just a little bit of pressing 🙂


Greg on the dumbell cleans…great intensity!!!


Michelle’s first post WOD flop!


But not Gavin and Aaron’s…


And we definitely know it’s not Greg’s!

So glad to be back…and so glad to see you all tomorrow night at 8pm!