090220 – Friday

090220 – Friday

Last Night’s WOD:

1 Rep Max Deadlift

Wow what an epic night! So many PR’s and by A LOT of weight…everyone’s hard work is showing 🙂

But the big winner (and chicken dinner) has to go to Adele…deadlifted nearly 200lbs:


Act 1…the introduction…


And Great Success! And to think that just 5 weeks ago Adele had never worked out before. Amazing!


Everyone’s proud of Aaron who gets nearly 2x his body weight up!


Even new gal Daryn got into the action…


My picture doesn’t do her lift justice…she reached full extension at 150# !


Excellent starting position Michelle…


And Great Success! Look at that determination.


And a New CrossFit North Hollywood gym PR goes to Greg @ 375#. I guess that’s how you bend bars!

Great job everyone…I wish I had more pics but I was too busy cheering you all on. 1 rep max nights are even more intense than metcons!

See you all today or Saturday!!!