090224 – Tuesday

090224 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

“The San Francisco Crippler” (variation)

30 x Front Squat with Body Weight Load

1000 Meter Row

For time.


Simon’s a blur as new gal Jill does an awesome job!



4 weeks ago Brian couldn’t air squat to parallel now he’s front squatting below parallel! Awesome job Brian!!!


Even our Head Trainer Kris got into the action putting up 180# Front Squat…Fire Breather anyone???

Then at night things really got cracking…


Everyone’s proud of Michael getting his 30 full depth front squats!


Leah says…oh…’legs-arms-arms-legs thanks Taylor!’ 🙂


Great determination Joe!


Christine’s pulling so hard!



JP doing the underhand pull or Chinese pull…ok I just made that up but it does seem like it would be called the Chinese pull right? No just me? Australian pull? No?


Josh wants to be like Van Damme so he CrossFits in jeans!


Kris makes sure Michelle gets the best out of her workout and hits all her points of performance.



Michael: “Why do the call it the San Francisco Crippler?”

Me: “I’ll let you know in 10 minutes…now 3 2 1…GO!”


all of those nights that Greg ends up on the floor enables him to go heavier than anyone! Great job Greg!


Bap bap bah bap bap bap bap bah!!!

Oh yeah…we did that today too!

a few words from Kris:
why should u front squat? cuz that’s where you catch your heavy (full squat) clean.  the king of exercises the most powerful lift peerless in developing speed and power (along with the snatch you will not accomplish your true 1 rep max by catching the weight any higher than in a deep front squat.  if the rack position is a challenge for you for lack of flexibility or otherwise or if you can’t hit full depth with an upright torso…. you have a weak front squat.  it’s a problem that must be fixed before you can expect any success with the clean.