090306 – Friday

090306 – Friday

Thursday night’s WOD:

3 Rounds for Max Reps:

Box Jumps

Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls

Sit Ups

Thruster (bar)

Med Ball Cleans

With a partner go through each movement 3 times and then rotate to the next. You each have 1 minute of work and then 1 minute of rest (while you count your partner’s reps) to do work. This makes a total of 15 minutes of work and 15 minutes of rest.

Post total score to comments.

The 1:1 work/rest ratio of this workout allows you to push a lot harder than under different time restraints…I think everyone learned this last night!


Great depth on the med ball clean Michelle!


JP tries to hide behind his Sumo Deadlift High Pull but I recognize those socks anywhere.


Michael on the extension of his thruster!


New guy Zach and can’t-get-enuf-CF Josh doin some work!




Hope your co-workers have fun with this one Hilary!


Michelle congrats our friend Bonnie from VCF who Killed the WOD last night and is getting ready for the CrossFit Games Qualifier.  We wish her the very best! Meanwhile I hope Hilary’s co-workers enjoy yet another photo…and then come by CrossFit North Hollywood to see what it is that makes for such crazy photos…

Great job everyone…see you Friday or Saturday

oh one last thing…our friend and fellow member of CrossFit North Hollywood Erik has been on vacation in Costa Rica…so what does a true CrossFitter do on vacation????


Headstands on the beach!!! That’s right. When the CrossFit bug gets ya it really changes your life! Thanks for the awesome photo Erik and we can’t wait until your back!