090310 – Tuesday

090310 – Tuesday

Monday Night’s WOD:

Heavy Back Squat (for the night class too!) Find your 5 rep max.

Start off at a relatively light weight and continue to up the weight about 10#-20# each set that you can ‘successfully’ complete 5 perfect back squats. When either your form breaks or the weight is too much…that is your 5 rep max.
If you remember why a 5 rep max is important please post this along with your 5 rep max weight to comments. Bonus…if you can explain why the strength component is absolutely essential to CrossFit post that too!


Group ‘Tabata Squat’ Warm Up…All these people makes for a great CrossFit environment!



Then starting off light to ensure proper technique…


Then adding some weight! Great job JP!


You too Gavin!!!


Joe hit 245# for 5 reps!!! Joe’s hard work has added 40# on his 5 rep back squat in the past 5 weeks!!! Incredible!


Greg keeps excellent form on his way to 265#!!! Wow! “Light Weight Baby!”


New guy Shaun enjoying going heavy!


Megan doing a great job spotting Michelle and making sure she keeps perfect form.


Mike sold tickets to see Steven Hawkings give a speech (or his computer speak…oh snap)…but he got a new 5 rep max so  it was definitely a good trade!


Megan and Michael went really really heavy tonight! Way to work!!!


“Ain’t nothing but a peanut” (If the phrases ‘light weight baby’ and ‘ain’t nothin but a peanut aren’t hilarious to you…YouTube Ronnie Coleman deadlift and then be in on the best CrossFit North Hollywood joke ever!)


Great work everyone!!! Going heavy is important…watch your hard work pay off in improved times on the rest of your WOD’s!  See you tomorrow night at 8pm.

PS…Starting next Tuesday we’ll be adding a 5:30pm class for both Tuesday and Thursday!!! Spread the word and tell ’em Big Boy sent ya se habla espanol. But seriously…I don’t really speak Spanish that well.