090311 – Wednesday

090311 – Wednesday

Tuesday Night’s WOD:

5 Rounds for Time:

20 x Kettlebell Swings

20 x Push Ups

200 Meter Sprint

Post times to comments.

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated and a large amount of intensity after an awesome night of heavy back squats…but this crew never lets us down. The vets do an amazing job of setting the pace and all newbies are able to fit right in and get a TON of work done! A really awesome job tonight everyone. I am very very proud!

We also learned part of the famous ‘Burgener Warm Up’ tonight. If you learned part of it tonight keep on it. If you haven’t experienced it yet don’t worry…this one is here to stay because it produces great results!


Way to rock this one!!!





Brian asked me not to…but it’s not up to him. I see it as a badge of honor to work out that hard!


Mathieu was there tonight as well…


And Erik is back from Costa Rica


And it’s always nice to have Greg working out…


I like how Brian just walks over Steven like he’s a set of bumper plates…too funny!

Click on these links for video of the Burgener Warm Up…They are invaluable! Video’s Courtesy of CrossFit.com