090314 – Saturday

090314 – Saturday

AMRAP 20 minutes

20x Split Lunge Hops

10x Dumbell Push Press

Floor Length Dumbell Farmer’s Walk (Down & Back)

use the same dumbells for Push Press as Farmer’s Walk

Post times to comments.

What an awesome week everyone. I feel like a broken record but it’s only because you all keep making it true: Awesome improvement and great intensity all week! Get ready for another get even more ‘Fit next week…and don’t forget about Tuesday night post WOD St. Paddy’s Day party at the Gym!!!

img_0082Lateral Agility Hops

img_0087Awesome job on the Friday afternoon WOD everyone!!!

img_0089Since Katie & Erik were in Thursday night we changed up their WOD same rep scheme but Med Ball Cleans Vertical Touch Jumps and Hand Stand Push Ups!!!

img_0094Friday afternoons are definitely growing…don’t believe me…come in and see for yourself!

img_0097Hand Stand Push Ups and Flying Burpees!!!!

img_0099Kris making sure Erik gets improved range on his Hand Stand Push Ups…after vacation Erik came in every day this week…that means he had a good vacation.

img_0101Great job on wall ball Aaron and great job winning the WOD!


And now from Saturday’s 8am class:

img_0107img_0118Shaun is improving every class! Great effort brother!

img_0119img_0123Way to work hard all week everyone! See you all Monday Monday Monday!!!

img_0127Almost forgot…