090316 – Tuesday

090316 – Tuesday

Great job Monday North Hollywooders!!! A quick ‘sprint’ of a WOD and you all killed it.

The WOD:
225# Deadlift
Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU)
Post time to comments. Scale appropriately so this can be done ‘relatively’ quickly!


Max squat ‘unbroken’ for warm up. It’s true…their work out really is our warm up!


img_0137A little more…

img_0138Got it!!! Great job Adele!

img_0140img_0146Michelle says she never really could do this before…well now she’s got it down!!!

img_0149JP’s form is great…not so much for Mike’s…to  find out why I would post this picture of him like this please click this link.

img_0155Josh and Greg rocked this WOD! HSPU’s are no joke.

img_0152Christine did too!

img_01751Newest member of our family Joseph got in on the action too!

img_0173Leah gets ready for another rep while new gal Melannie practices her David Blane impression and levitates the bar. Michelle seems impressed!

img_0174Aaron killed it again..winning another WOD…is that smoke coming out of his nose?

img_0176Erik makes sure Brian and Mike get improved range of motion on HSPU

img_0187Joe & Michael are improving every class. 45 heavy deadlifts for time will do that to you!

img_0188Wanna know how hard Steven goes every class?

img_0196That hard!

img_0165and so does Christine…


and Greg…


and new Gal Melannie told me that CFNH is #1…

img_0198and Gavin…but he crosses his legs because he’s classier. Meanwhile Michelle is STILL holding her handstand.


Then it seemed like a good idea to do some muscle ups but I hate it when Josh looks at me with those eyes!


It’s actually a lot harder to do an L-Sit Muscle Up while trying to time it with Kris’s hand stand and a photographer…who would have thought? How much longer can we hold it???

img_0207not long enough apparently!

See you all tomorrow! Don’t forget that we start our 5:30 Tuesday/Thursday class…AND our 8pm St. Paddy’s Day post WOD party!!!