090318 – Wednesday

090318 – Wednesday

Wednesday’s WOD:
5:30pm Class:
12-9-6-3: MoFo’s & Burpee’s ( I should have made this one longer but after our last ‘MoFo Fiasco’ I shot too shallow. Next time will be just right.
8pm Class: Team WOD: “Trevor”
Group of 4 only 2 people can be working at 1 time. Divide up the reps any way you want but only 2 people’s reps count at any one time.
200 ring pull ups (modification) 300 push ups 400 sit ups 500 squats.
Post times to comments.

img_0214MoFo’s @ 5:30pm!

img_0215New gal Paige just 14 years old getting into her lunge! Great job girl!

img_0217New guy Kyle getting ready for another overhead squat! Great job Kyle!!!


Zach gets ready for another OHS while Shelley finishes her burpees!


Michelle ♥’s Burpees!


Brian and Steven on their way to killing yet another WOD! These guys are doing awesome!!!

img_0230New guy Hunter getting in on the Burpee action too!

img_0234and the finisher!

img_0235Great job everyone who came to our first 5:30 Tuesday/Thursday class! See you all soon!

And for the evening…so many photos…I’ll just post them and you all can reminisce or add your own caption in the comments section…

img_0250img_0253img_0257The start of ‘Trevor’ a Team of 4 WOD!

img_0260New gal Sylvie did awesome on her very first night!!!

img_02571So did new guy Michael…PS…ring pull ups are MUCH harder than regular pull ups!

img_0266img_0271After yesterday’s pic I owed this one to Mike! Great job bro!

img_0273img_02882img_0298img_0295I tried to make all the blue in our gym into green for St. Paddy’s but now it just looks like people are floating…maybe they are?

img_0301img_0306img_0311img_0330Almost there guys…

img_0339img_0346Our Winning Group and their bling.


Probably the best way to finish a WOD that I know of…

img_0352img_0355The real reason you need perfect form on your squat…so you don’t spill a drop!

img_0357img_0359I don’t know what Carly is talking Josh into…

img_0360but everyone seems to like it!

img_0364I can’t think of a better time to OHS? Can you?

img_0368Turkish/North Hollywood Get Ups!

img_0382Amazing Aaron!!!! Wow!

img_0379and Greg’s getting pretty close too!

img_0385img_03871Why not start kettlebells swings while we’re at it?

Great job everyone! Last night was awesome…it was fun to party with everyone…now get in there today and let’s sweat it out together again!

[wpvideo CRCCjUMv]

In a related story I cleaned 225# yesterday not the prettiest clean ever but I’m happy with it (body weight 145#) so yeah it was a good day.