090319 – Thursday

090319 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD’s:

7am: “Nicole”

20 minutes AMRAP:

400 meter run

max rep pull ups

12:30pm: “Helen”

3 rounds for time:

400 meter run

21 kettlebell swings 1 1/2 pood (~53#)

12 pull ups


3 rounds for time

20 Power snatches

run 800 meters

Post times to comments.

Why all the different WOD’s today you might ask? Well each class is a little bit different composed of different levels of athletes who have been with us for different amounts of time. Each WOD (Work Out of the Day) can be scaled while keeping similar results. Each WOD today involved running & pulling but the complexity of the movements from kettlebell swings to the snatch were adjusted.

img_0391Tanya & Michael running outside in the afternoon.

img_0392While new guy Curt gets his first real ‘dose’ of CrossFit!

img_0393Awesome job everyone!

img_0403Jill kills 2 birds at once…does a pull up and covers Michael’s body! Great job Jill!

img_0408Greg on the power snatch @ 7pm!

img_0415Simon did great and so did his knee…his CrossFit ‘rehab’ is looking pretty awesome!

img_0419Awesome job Megan!!!

img_0416Way to bring it Aaron!

img_0412After working her Oly lifts @ 12:30 am last night Leah’s form looked awesome!

img_0407Great effort everyone! See you all Thursday for another go at it!!!

[wpvideo u16b8FOU]

In a related story Kris split jerked 180# tonight! A new PR! Way to go girl!!!!