090323 – Monday

AMRAP in 20 mins of:
5 x ring push-ups
10 x med-ball sit-ups
15 x kb swings

the afternoon class rocked this one.  the nite class got a slightly different version

Team WOD:
as a group of 3 complete
150 x ring push-ups
300 x med-ball sit-ups
450 x kb swings

each team needed to make up their strategy on the fly as i gave no specific instruction on how to tackle this beast. congrats to Erik Joe and Greg for ripping thru the whole thing in 18:somethin. they originally thought they were done about 13 minutes in then realized they made an error in the math and left out about 150 kb swings had to go and do them and still finished fastest of the groups of 3.  but that hiccup lead to their team gettin smoked by duo Christine & Shelley (100200300) by about 2 minutes. nice work folks!