090325 – Wednesday

090325 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:
Thruster (95#/65#)
Pull Ups
Post time to comments.

Fran is one of the most famous CrossFit Benchmark Work Outs. It has become the CrossFit equivalent of the Globo Gym cry of ‘what’s your bench?’. The apex of distance the load travels and short time creates an incredibly high work output. Some people say they feel like they are going to throw up (aka meet Pukie) others like myself feel like they’re going to black out. Post which one you are to comments…
Anyways great job today everyone. It’s awesome to have our pull up cage pretty much finished. Get ready to kick off pull-up month at CFNH if you’re already good at them get ready to get great and if you can’t even fathom doing one well….it’s gonna come soon!!!
See you all Wednesday!!!


Aaron enjoys our new pull up cage!!!

img_0294Can’t even wrap your head around ‘Fran’? Don’t worry our modified Fran group kicked butt too!

img_03011Greg’s getting so close to an ‘as Rx’d’ Fran! Way to work man!

img_0302We’re still waiting for someone to name this thing…come on…anyone???

See you all Wednesday!!!