090326 – Thursday

090326 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD:

Heavy Deadlifts! 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (find your 1 rep max)

Excellent job ‘going  heavy’ yesterday everyone! Big improvements all around. Almost everyone came away with a new PR (personal record) which is pretty amazing especially for the day after we did Fran! Your hard work is paying off.

img_0431Jill says ‘everyone can deadlift!’…she also said it was ‘light weight baby!’…ok only one of these is true and it’s the latter.

img_0439Great job Mike!

img_0440Adele too!

img_0441Joe killed it yesterday adding over 30# to his 1RM= 330lbs!!! Wow that just shows what hard work great coaching and supportive teammates can do!

img_0448Michael’s such a bad a$$ that he yelled out ‘peanuts’ while hitting 375#!

img_0445Aaron gets more than double body weight with a 355# lift! Adele is impressed 🙂

img_0452Christine got a new PR too! Can you tell she was working hard?

img_0455Brian started stacking everything he could find on the side of the bar his keys his missing shoes so he could get a 360# deadlift 50# over his old max!

img_0444Josh lifts 375# and did Fran in the 7am class…what a beast.

img_0442Megan fighting to keep her back straight on way to her 213# lift! Great job Megan!

[wpvideo gL9uCs59]