090331 – Tuesday

090331 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:
1 mile run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 mile run
Partition pull ups/push ups/squats as desired but the workout must have 1 mile start and 1 mile finish.
Post times to comments…I mean it…everyone post time to comments!

Great job tonight everyone! Our first CFNH experience with ‘Murph’ one of the most strenuous & lengthy CrossFit WOD’s. For everyone who thinks they are too sore to come tomorrow…be there. Part of being ‘constantly varied’ means that we take into account the WOD we did today (and the rest of the days) and will hit a different metabolic pathway using different movements…the intensity will always be relatively high. Why? Because it’s friggin CrossFit!!!

Warming up with the Push Press

img_0567and on to a bottom to bottom squat ladder…that’s right!

img_0582And on to “MURPH”!!!!

img_0570Caleb fighting for another Pull-Up!

img_0579New guy Adam finding the bottom of his squat. First night in and he rocks Murph…wow!

img_0587img_0588 Josh couldn’t wait for this WOD…really…

img_0591Greg & Leah powering through some more Push-Ups!

img_0592And Megan on the Squats! There are so many reps in this WOD I have TONS of pictures!

img_0593img_05941Newest member of our family James didn’t even know what CrossFit was until last week….I’m pretty sure he’s fully immersed now!

img_05951Adele was late to class because she had to pick up her guns…wow…when did that happen? Awesome!

img_0599Great job Joseph!

img_0596img_0601Michelle’s got the CrossFit bug…and on track to be our next bad @$$!

img_0604img_0611If you look closely I think Joe in the background is crying…not an uncommon response…


still…he did amazing! Chin over bar baby!

img_0612Kris helps new guy Trevor get full extension and chest to the floor on his Push-Ups

img_0614img_0634The Michael’s say that yes CrossFit does get you crazy ripped…Wow are you kidding me!

img_0643img_0576Way to finish strong Leah!

img_0584You too Erik…PS nice shirt..img_0585img_0597Almost there Brian!

img_0650One more Hilary…

img_0653The end!

img_0654Joseph is trying to hide…

Pretty Epic night everyone! Way to push through both mentally and physically…see you all tomorrow!!!