090404 – Saturday

090404 – Saturday

Thursday’s WOD:

“Freddy’s Revenge”

5 Rounds for time

5 x Heavy Push Jerk

10x Burpees

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Friday’s WOD:


5 rounds for time

400 meter run

15 x 95 # overhead squat

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Sorry about not having photos…can’t find my camera! The classes have been rockin’ though. Lots of great performances and new barriers being conquered…we’re so happy to be CrossFittin’ with all of you…it really is something special. A special community to be a part of and rad people to do it with!

Here’s a couple of videos in leiu of our normal photos. Many times after our WOD we tend to stick around and ‘play’…jump on this swing on that. Naturally the muscle-up is attempted…and while it is not where the main part of your focus should be…I’m not gonna like it is tons of fun. Especially when you get your first. So here’s a video that should help many of you on your transition from the pull and into the push.


Finally are you STILL having a tough time describing to your friends all of the awesome stuff we do at CFNH and explaining to them why CrossFit is the absolute best fitness program on the planet? Here’s another video for you…


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