090407 – Tuesday

090407 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

30x Clean & Jerk @ 135# for time.

Post time to comments.

We had been looking forward to doing this one with you all for a while…the Olympic lifts of the clean & the jerk and 2 of the most explosive lifts in the world and combine many smaller movements that you’ve all learned over your time here at CFNH. They are also essential for CrossFit…moving a large load quickly over a (relatively) long distance (ground to fully overhead)…it doesn’t get much heavier and quicker than these two movements.

img_0932Josh on a 6am clean…

img_0934Great job getting full extension before the catch Ryan!

img_0940Our ever growing 12:30pm class learning the jerk landing position

img_0943Great job Simon & Michael…way to go “As Rx’d”!!!

img_0944Carly can’t believe that it was Caleb’s first time with the C&J…he did awesome!

img_0945New guy Vince has plenty of determination to get that weight overhead! The makings of a great CrossFitter…determination!

img_0950On Shaun’s first night a month ago he only made it through one round of the WOD…today he nearly did it Rx’d with 115#! Friggin Awesome!!!

img_0941img_0946Jill’s doing better every class!

img_0960The 7pm class learning the clean!

img_0954The med ball clean “catch”…first big step to the clean & jerk!

img_0957And on to the jerk!


img_0963Joe showing that he can beat gravity…don’t know what this means? Then get in to CFNH and find out for yourself!

img_0966New gal Kristi did awesome tonight…and even more awesome…she brought her friends!

img_0984She brought her boyfriend Tim who is gonna use CrossFit to help get him in the Fire Department!!


and her friend Shawn White…that’s right…Shawn White…ok not that Shawn White but our Shawn is pretty bad ass too!

img_0989and her friend Phil…who did “Grace” as Rx’d on his first try…fire breather anyone?


The great thing about Brian is that he always asks me if he should go ‘as Rx’d’ and I always tell him ‘of course’ and then he always kills it!

img_0971killin it by Joseph

img_0980img_0978Newest member of our family Mara moved so quickly on her first night I couldn’t even get a clear shot! She came to CFNH because her trainer told her CrossFit is the shizzle…I said you have a pretty smart trainer!

img_0972I think James hearts CrossFit…I think….



img_0997img_0996img_0975img_0974As you can tell it was another awesome day at CFNH…our family keeps growing and people are getting crazy ‘Fit! We’re always looking  for that next cool cat to walk though our doors and sweat with us…and we hope it’s you!

So what are you waiting for? Your first class is Always FREE!

See you all Tuesday @ 530pm & 8pm!