090408- Wednesday

090408- Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:

“Tabata Something Else”

20 seconds work/10 seconds rest. 8 rounds in a row of each movement. 4 movements. There is no rest in between movements. 1 point per fully completed rep. Max reps (work) wins.

Post score to comments.

img_1005Great job Shelley!!!

img_1010New guy Chee says chest to the floor push ups are the only way to go!

img_1013img_1016img_1021img_1023img_1024Awesome job Seung! You keep improving every time!

img_1026img_1031img_1032No joke…I’m pretty sure Steven was found this way on Lankershim after class…next law is don’t CrossFit & walk/drive/do anything for 30 minutes!

img_1033img_1034img_1036Then we started off the 8pm class with med-ball chases…what are those?

img_10351. They’re friggin awesome. 2. Come on in to find out!

img_1038And our 8pm class starts their Tabata adventure!

img_1043img_1044Josh…stay away from the light!

img_1047Group Tabata push ups are the only way to go!

img_1048Yes…Tanya is getting FIT!!!

img_1049How hard are Tabata intervals? This is Hilary during her 10 second rest period…then she got up and crushed it!

img_1051img_1053img_10551img_1061img_1060img_1067img_1071And this is what happens once the WOD is done…img_1073img_1074Excellent!

img_1075If you’re not ending up on the floor after your workout…you’re probably not doing CrossFit…and if you’re wondering why these people end up on the floor night after night but keep coming back…then you need to check us out ASAP!

See you all on Wednesday for something completely different!!!!