090410 – Friday

090410 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:

“The Filthy Fifties”

50 reps of each

Box Jumps x 24″

Jumping Pull Ups

Kettlebell Swing x 35#

Walking Lunge

Knees to Elbows

Push Press x 45#

Back Extension

Wall Ball x 20# x 10′ Shot


Double Unders

Post your time to comments if you can still type.

img_1094Nice Box Jump Erik!

img_1165New gal Keleigh cranking out 7am jumping pull ups!


New gal Diane showing great form on Kettlebell  Swings


img_1111Simon has it down…walking lunges and some water at the same time…I told you CrossFit improves coordination & accuracy!

img_1119Great job Chee on the knees to elbows…those are no joke!

img_1179New guy Brian gets his head through the window on the Push Press! What a first class to come in and try!!!

img_1123Carly doing 50 back extensions…up up and away!

img_1178Keleigh and Ryan getting dirty with their 50 wall ball shots

img_1155Joey and Jenni pushed each other on the burpees…it might be a reason why they had the 2 fastest times! There’s just something about the group format of camaraderie/competition that you just can’t get by yourself!

img_1159Greg wraps up his filthiness with his 50 double unders! Way to go ‘As Rx’d’ Greg!!!

img_1130img_1131img_1162img_1158img_1160img_1187img_1188Even Josh got it handed to him! Yes!!!!!

img_1163See you all Friday or Saturday for something completely different!!!