090411 – Saturday

090411 – Saturday

Friday’s WOD:


30 x 135# Snatch For Time

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Saturday’s WOD:

AMRAP 20 Minutes

400 meter run

15 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull

10 x Push Up

5x Pull Up

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Ah another amazing week of CrossFit in North Hollywood! We’ve been open for 3 months now and we are really starting to see improvement accross the board physically mentally and technically! They way you get to the next level is the same as the way you got here…more hard work and determination!

img_11901Way to catch that in the bottom Erik!!! PS I think you spilled some Kool-Aid on your shirt!

img_1194Great form Johannes!

img_1195A day after the Filthy 50 Tanya is back at it!

img_1189Mike definitely knows ‘Isabel’ now…

img_1200Saturday morning Sumo Deadlift High Pull starting position…or a room full of Angry Gorillas?


img_1203img_1205Yeah we love working out! If you wanna love working out more drop on by and sweat with us!

img_1202New guy Enrique did amazing…and he’s coming back next week  with his wifey!

img_1204New gal Jocelyn not only rocked the WOD but she rocked her first pull up today…just imagine what she’ll do on her second class!

img_1226New guy Alan had heard about CrossFit…now he KNOWS about CrossFit! Great job today!

img_1230A day after her first class..’The Filthy Fifties” New Gal Keleigh was back at it! The makings of a future fire breather!

img_1227img_1219img_1207img_1210img_1208img_1212img_1218img_1221Great job Megan!


Christine is using CrossFit training to help her get into the LAPD Academy! We’re certain with her determination and CrossFit’s Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity she is gonna be a star there!

img_1235See you all Monday!!!