090414 – Tuesday

090414 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

150 Wall Ball Shots 20#/14# Ball 10′ Target

Post times to comments.

Great job everyone on this SMMF workout as well as on the improved times on your 500 meter row tests! Big ups to Erik for breaking the 1:30 barrier with a 1:29.8 second 500 meter row!

img_1253Josh & Keleigh had some early morning Wall Ball fun

img_1256so did Vince!

img_1262Way to get over the 10′ mark Simon!

img_1264img_1266After his 500 meter Row test Erik planned ahead for the WOD…

img_12691img_12761img_1277img_1283The evening class cheering everyone on for their 500 meter Row test!

img_1286Great job Michael!!!

img_1288It looks like Greg got his stuck against the wall…

img_1304Joe keeps crackin while Leah works through the pain!

img_1300One of my favorite photos!

img_1306img_1294It’s true…

img_1291Tonight seemed to have a higher than average rate of people getting flopped…

img_1309But that’s just how it goes! Everyone gave it their 100% effort Monday! We’re really proud of you all and look forward to seeing you Tuesday night!