Here it is, the SoCal Games Qualifier!!! All those month of hard training and focus and we know you’re ready, Kris! It’s going to be an awesome weekend; lots of great CrossFit going on from SoCal’s many amazing affiliates, which we are so proud to be a small part of, lots of amazing athletes pushing themselves to the limits of attainable fitness levels imaginable…all with the best fitness program available on Earth!!! CrossFit baby!

Kris, we know you’re ready, we know you can go out there and rock it! We’re all so excited, regardless of the results, that you are going to go out there and push so hard, chase that excellence that you always help us find, and really see what you are capable of!!!!!

For the last 2 days we’ve all done the SoCal Games Qualifer WOD’s to help build the momentum:

Thursday’s WOD:

6 Rounds for Time:

30 squats

10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

5x Clean & Jerk (155# Men/105# Women)

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Friday’s WOD: (WOD #2 for Saturday)

3 rounds for time:

450 Meter Run

30 x Overhead Squat (95# Men/65# Women)

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Can’t wait to see you (and all other amazing SoCal CrossFitters: you all rock!) this weekend!!!!!!

Your CFNH family 🙂