Monday – 090420 (Updated)

Monday – 090420 (Updated)

Back at it!!! After an exciting weekend it’s back to our box and back to hard work!

It’s no surprise what WOD we’re doing today so I figure I’ll just post it early for once…

Since we did the SoCal CrossFit Games WOD #1 on Thursday and the WOD #2 on Friday….

Monday’s WOD:

WOD # 3 from the SoCal CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier:

2000 meter row

then 6 rounds for time:

20 x Box Jumps

10x Wall Ball (Men 20# 12′ Women 14# 9′)

Post times to comments. Also if you did all 3 of the Games WOD’s compare your times with the rest of SoCal’s CrossFit beasts!

img_13602000 meter row! Great job ladies!

img_13621Kris helps Adele with her technique and a bit of strategery

img_1365Kris makes sure Carly gets that 15# ball over the 9′ mark! Awesome!

img_1368After a month of CrossFittin’ Curt is really starting to crush some WOD’s! img_1370

img_1373New guy Brian finds the top of the box! Great effort!

img_1377Steven uses his new CrossFit North Hollywood shirt to get crazy high on his box jumps…full extension and everything!

img_1380New Daddy Brian probably getting the only ‘rest’ he’s had in days! Congrats to the newest lil’ CrossFitter in your family!!!!!

img_1378See you all tonight at 7pm to help finish this WOD off!!! Also if you haven’t seen the video of Kris on the CrossFit Games site be sure and check it out!

And some photos from Monday night’s WOD: img_13811Heat 1 gets rowing!

img_1385Good toss JP!

img_1386img_1394Heat 2!

img_1389img_1397img_1400Peanuts tossing peanuts

img_1402We were all so inspired by Kris that I even jumped in and tried to ‘get some’!

img_1406And as Kris says…I got ‘broke off’!