090422- Wednesday

090422- Wednesday


General Physical Preparedness: Courtesy CrossFit.com

[wpvideo xQeb2FED]

Tuesday’s WOD:

AMRAP: 20 minutes

5 Knees to Elbows

10 Ring Dips

15 Single Arm DB Snatch (either arm)

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Great job on this awesome core workout everyone! img_1407Great job on the KTE’s Kyle!

img_1408Newest member of our family Colin rocked it last night! Yeah buddy!

img_1412Steven rocked the 50# dumbell snatch…and look at how strong his shoulder position is!

img_1415At the beginning of class Keleigh was having a bit of a struggle with this move…but after Kris gave her some pointers…well just see for yourself!

img_1416Smiling and snatching? Yeah people really love doing CrossFit here!

img_1417JP says “Just say no to stair climbers do CrossFit!” He’s going to hike Mt. Rainier  later this summer and is going to use CrossFit’s constantly varied functional movements to help kick that mountain’s @$$!

img_1420Great job everyone! See you Wednesday for something completely different!

img_1421Oh yeah I will put kids on the floor too! 🙂