090423 – Thursday

090423 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD:

3 rounds for time
800 meter run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit Ups

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img_1423Our ever growing afternoon class!

img_1428Superman aint got nothin on the newest member of our family Michael!

img_1432Your lunch breaks are so much better at CrossFit North Hollywood!

img_1433Steven grinding it out on “Michael”

img_1439New guy Rick was playing the air drums while he killed his sit ups! Yeah we LOVE working out!!!

img_1430New guy Marcos rocked the WOD today…welcome to the family! We know our training will help him kick butt at the LA Marathon!!!

img_1445Bryan is starting to see the positive effects of CrossFitting regularly! We’re so proud of you Bryan!

img_1447Welcome back Erik Cancun was obviously good to you!

img_1448New guy Kenyatta is kind of good at Supermans…wait…he’s the freaking King of  Krypton!! That’s amazing!

img_1450And for the afternoon cookie! Great job today everyone!

img_1449New daddy Brian brought the newest member of our family Emma by today and got an awesome workout in! Congrats brotha!

img_14673…2…1…GO!!! The 7pm class hits it!

img_1468Greg rocks his supermans look at that extension.

img_1477img_1480New gal Esther did awesome and we look forward to having her back!

img_1481New gal Grace shows excellent form too…they’re  both going to be awesome!

img_1485Leah rocks the after WOD glaze along with our new t-shirt! You can pick one of each up at your next class!

Gym party Thursday night! We’re going to throw back a few at Laurel Tavern after our 8-9pm class finishes:

11938 Ventura Boulevard • Studio City CA 91604


We obviously have a bit of celebrating to do! Kris’s big win at the SoCal CrossFit Games…the absolute awesomeness of everyone at our gym…and from what I hear Thursday is the new Saturday….See you there or be Globo Gym square.