090426 – Sunday

090426 – Sunday

Saturday’s WOD:

‘The Bear’

5 sets of 5 reps. Post weights to comments.

One rep of ‘The Bear’ involves a power clean to front squat to push press to back squat to push press.

The loaded barbell can only ‘touch’ the floor for an instant and then you must begin your next of 5 reps. You can rest in any position as long as you’re holding the barbell off the ground.

Oh and you must go up in weight each round….

img_1595Greg finishes the clean…img_1594and newest member of our family Tom front squats it…

img_1587Zach push presses it…awesome form!

img_1588Alan gets ready for the back squat…but he’s just moving too quickly!!!

img_1598New guy Tyler push presses it after the back squat…with 145#!

img_1591Leah too!

img_1584Great job getting it up to the top Kyle!

img_1599and then new guy Jaron does anything he can to not drop the weight (remember you can’t put the weight down until your 5 reps are over)! That’s a helluva commitment to the WOD!!! I love it!

img_1601and then he finishes it off! The Bear is just as mental as it is physical!


and then to the floor!

img_1593Keleigh gained mad respect after she finished her Bear! It took her 4 tries to get the last push press but she didn’t give up!!! Everyone was attempting to clap…but their arms were just a little shot.

Great week everyone! See you all Monday!