090429 – Wednesday

090429 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:

Team Work Out Groups of 2.

‘Fitness Medicine with a Medicine Ball’

Over Head 800 Meter Run

Then 3 rounds for time:

40 Over Bar Ball Tosses

30 Wall Ball Shots

20 Med Ball Sit Ups

10 Med Ball Cleans

Then finish with Over Head 800 Meter Run.

Post pair and times to comments.

Great job today everyone! Team and partner WOD’s are a lot of fun and also make you work just that much harder because you have someone depending on you! Way to push through this one and knock it out!

img_1654Great shot Zach!

img_1655Seung and Alan working accuracy and coordination among other of our 10 fitness elements with the ball tosses!

img_1656I know what you’re thinking…sit ups are obviously too easy…you should definitely add 20#…

img_1662The 8pm class doing a great job on those med ball partner tosses!

img_1667Great extension on your wall ball shots Michelle!

img_1669Brian we found your hat…

img_1670Tom helps Joseph get another excellent squat before his wall ball shot!


img_1680It’s all about teamwork at CFNH

img_1682Way to go ladies!

img_1688And the cookie…L-Sit (hang) holds for 2 minutes! Great job everyone! See you Wednesday for something completely different!