090430 – Thursday

090430 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD:


AMRAP in 20 minutes

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Post Rounds to Comments.

img_1695The afternoon class gettin it on!

img_1700New guy Kenyatta busting out another pull up!

img_1704img_1707Great to have you back Brian!


img_1712Bowling for CrossFitter’s in the evening class…

img_1714Almost got ’em…

img_1715img_1717New gal Charissa goes chest to floor on the push ups…and just had a baby 4 weeks ago….and she rocked the workout!

So…what’s your excuse for not coming in?

img_1720img_1728img_1737I think this photo sums up the intensity from last night’s WOD…Steven hit his mouth on the ‘pain cage’ (which is earning its name more and more each day) and instead of stopping he threw some paper towel in his mouth and kept going…and got over 22 rounds! Yeah we really love working out!

Awesome effort last night gang see you all Thursday for something…well…completely different!