090501 – Friday

090501 – Friday

Thursday’ WOD:

“The Jonestown Crawl”

3 Rounds For Time:

15 x Body Weight Deadlift

30 x 24″ Box Jump

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Great job on this shorter heavier WOD today everyone! You guys rocked it!!!

img_1739Steven said Jonestown aint got nothin on his 4:24 finish!

img_1740Excellent box jumps Colin…he’s improving every class!

img_1741Carly gives this WOD 2 thumbs up (congrats on your first pull up tonight too!)

img_1743Awesome job Keleigh!

img_1744img_1745New guy Padriac killed it tonight too! Can you tell he’s got his game face on!

img_1746img_17503…2…1…GO! The 8pm class crankin out ‘Jonestown’

img_1753As usual Greg pushing as hard as he can!

img_1756Gavin not missing a beat on this WOD

img_1769Kris ‘The Terminator’ giving excellent coaching to Adele during the WOD

img_1784Nothing stops us at CrossFit North Hollywood…what’s your excuse now?

img_1792Megan working excellent form yet again!

img_1781See you all Friday!!!!