090515 – Friday

090515 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:

25 x Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

5 x Shoulder Press (strict)

20 x SDLHP

4 x Press

15 x SDLHP

3 x Press

10 x SDLHP

2 x Press


1 x Press

Post load and time to comments.

This is a WOD that Kris and Val rocked after their Wednesday night 30 minute AMRAP…yeah pretty wicked!

IMG_2174New gal Sarah just in from Australia is a natural!

IMG_2175New guy Brian shows excellent overhead position on the press…awesome!

IMG_2177After keeping excellent form through the entire workout next time Michelle is gonna go HEAVY I just know it!

IMG_2178Less than 7 months after ACL surgery and 4 months of CrossFit rehab (and tons of hard work) Simon is ready to get back to his stunt work again…we’re so happy that he’s been able to recover so quickly and get back to his insane day job!

IMG_2182And the cookie…group Elbow to Elbow sit ups…50 of ’em! As if the WOD wasn’t hard enough…but it’s true…we LOVE working out and we LOVE CrossFit!

IMG_2185Greg shows the evenning class warm up: 50 Knees to Elbows…if you drop you’ve gotta run 100 meters and then get back…I know what you’re thinking…Our Warm Up really is other people’s Work Out!

IMG_2194IMG_2206New guy Josh tells Greg that he can get that 1 extra Rep! Group classes help you push yourself to new levels…and get that one extra rep!

IMG_2200New gal Joie gets that weight up with a little vocal help from Kris!

IMG_2213Yes it is 185#…no I don’t know anyone else that can do that for this WOD…awesome job Josh! Quickly becoming a fire breather!

IMG_2222Carly helps new gal Michelle keep her elbows high on the Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls!

IMG_2218and Tanya got her first Pull Up last night!!! Amazing…she also got her first legit Knees to Elbows! 3 months of hard training is paying off big time!

IMG_2217After a little break to finish her teaching credential Clare is back and still making funny faces when she lifts…I love it!

IMG_2211Great work everyone! See you all Friday and Saturday for something well…you know…completely different!