090516 – Saturday

090516 – Saturday

Friday’s WOD:


5 Rounds for time:

400 meter run

30 x Box Jump (24″)

30 x Wall Ball (20#/15#)

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Kelly is a pretty brutal CrossFit benchmark workout. It includes 150 wall ball shots which is its own WOD (Karen) over a mile of sprinting and 150 box jumps (300′ of jumping in case you were wondering). Yeah it kind of works the legs hips and glutes…

IMG_2225Our 7am class is growing…if you work out at this time I can pretty much guarantee the rest of your day seems like you have more than enough time!

IMG_2226And who doesn’t love wall ball…ok ok…but you know it’s good for you! So yeah that means you love it!

IMG_2227Keleigh…becoming a bonafide bad @$$

IMG_2231Josh floor…floor Josh. Great effort brotha!

IMG_223312:30pm Friday CrossFit…one of my favorite times of the day!

IMG_2234New  guy Curt said he normally doesn’t do much cardio…then he goes and gets after ‘Kelly’ as Rx’d on his first day! Amazing!

IMG_2240Now that’s some extension! Tom keeps improving every class!

IMG_2243In CrossFit you learn to levitate. Ok you just get really awesome hops!

IMG_2238Way to get that ball over the mark Shelley!

IMG_2239Peanuts hit up ‘Kelly’ yesterday…so we threw a ton of weight at him and told him to go for it…

IMG_2245And he did!

That’s one of the best parts of the CrossFit community…it’s made up of people who Really Really want to be in shape! Do you Really Really want to be in shape? Cool. Then drop on by and come sweat with us. There’s no shortage of cool people to push you or sweat to drop so what are you waiting for?

And…Kris promises something unique for Saturday so Do Not miss it! I don’t even know what it is so let’s go Get Some!