090520 – Wednesday

090520 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:



225#/135# Deadlift & Hand Stand Push Ups

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Excellent job today. Hand stand push ups aint no joke neither. Also big ups to Peanuts aka Mike Bird for nailing his first Muscle Up and to Greg for getting his second one…but the first one with everyone watching! Simply amazing. I think that’s 3 CFNH’ers in the past week who have gotten their first Muscle Up! Speed and strength are improving…bodies are getting trimmer and fitter…yeah it’s a good time to be doing CrossFit!

If you are reading this you have one assignment to complete: Log into www.beyondthewhiteboard.com and get started. We’re also going to be joining www.CrossFitLeaderBoard.com soon as well. They can track all your WOD’s benchmarks max lifts meals etc as well as rank you among others in our gym and the world. What other Fitness Program (read: Lifestyle or addiction) can even begin to claim this? Quantifiable measurable and repeatable methods and results and a global community. CrossFit baby!

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