090521 – Thursdsay

090521 – Thursdsay

Wednesday’s WOD: ‘Gwen’ Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps. For load not for time. Beyond the White Board describes the rules for this WOD as: Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Good old Olympic Lifting there’s a reason they’re the most explosive lifts in the world…some amazing performances tonight too! This WOD challenges you mentally because no matter how much your forearms are burning…you know you can’t put that bar down because you are sooo close….and everyone is cheering you on! Great job CFNH’ers…now log onto www.beyondthewhiteboard.com and log your WOD and see how you rank among all the classes and athletes at our gym and CrossFitters around the world. IMG_2273

Some afternoon Olympic Lifting…Mike and Jaron did incredible!

IMG_2274New guy Howard is Erik’s new police partner…I don’t know this for sure but knowing Erik the deal had to have been that Howard would come work out if Erik would stop talking about how awesome CrossFit is!

IMG_2271Great job guys!

IMG_2276Does your strength workout do this to you? If so…you’re probably a CrossFitter!

IMG_2279Afternoon class learning the finish position for the Jerk.

IMG_2281Kris makes sure Keleigh gets that weight the most efficient way overhead.

IMG_2303Megan throwing around some ‘light weight’

IMG_2294Adele makes sure her workout partner Esther hits the Jerk with and stays strong!

IMG_2305Charissa looks happy because she nails her last set without dropping the bar  and kept excellent form.

IMG_2298Caleb BAM!

IMG_2306New guy Scott is doing whatever he can to not drop that bar…

IMG_2307And he nails it…yeah he’s pretty happy!

IMG_2308Muscle Up Mike BAM.

IMG_2310Michelle BAM!

IMG_2309Greg throwing around some weight…

IMG_2288Adele too…

IMG_2295Leah with a strong catch after the Clean.

IMG_2293Grace is improving a ton…pretty soon she’s gonna have those big ‘ol plates on the side!

IMG_2311Steven’s doing anything he can to not let the bar drop…

IMG_2312And nails it!

IMG_2289Eddie at the catch of his clean…forearms on fire…he did awesome!

IMG_2319Mike…aka ‘Peanuts’ throwing around some Peanuts…what an awesome expression! Totally in the moment…he killed it: 155 lbs! So inspiring…when was the last time you saw this face at a Globo-Gym? Oh that’s right never. CrossFit baby!

See you all Thursday for something completely different.