090522 – Friday

090522 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:

20 Minute AMRAP:
5x Burpee Tuck Jumps
10x Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (75#/53#)
15x V-Ups
Post Rounds completed to comments (and post on www.beyondthewhiteboard.com).

You know the WOD is tough when you actually look forward to the Burpees for rest!

Photos to come soon…see you all Friday!

IMG_2328New guy Tim gettin’ some air on the Burpee Tuck Jumps…

IMG_2336Steven levitated almost the entire WOD…it was pretty amazing.

IMG_2348I’m pretty sure the kids call it ‘mad hops’…I have just been informed that was atleast 10 years ago they called it that..I apologize.

IMG_2347IMG_2366Yeah judging by the body count this WOD was awesome! Way to rock it everyone!