090523 – Saturday

090523 – Saturday

Friday’s WOD:

Back Squat Pauses : Find 3 rep max. Then attempt to do 20 (that’s right 20) reps with that weight (minus the pause at the bottom)

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This creative WOD was super cool to watch…it really pushed everyone mentally and physically. It involves a weighted back squat and a 3 second pause at the bottom of the rep…yikes! But as always everyone pushed super hard and did amazing.

IMG_23687am pause squats…

IMG_2369Enrique is throwing up some weight and improving every class!

IMG_2370IMG_2371Awesome job Tyler and Jaron!!!

IMG_2375Esther killing some afternoon pause squats!

IMG_2376Grace has done a great job improving her squat form…and it shows in all the extra weight she’s able to put up!

IMG_2377Great job Curt…you’re picking this all up very quickly!!!

Don’t forget…Monday Memorial Day WOD!!!!

Everyone is invited…bring your friends bring your family…bring your drinks and BBQ! 12:30pm…be there!!!!!