090525 – Monday

090525 – Monday

Remember no 7am or 7pm class on Monday….because we’re having a Super Awesome 1230pm WOD & Party! Bring your friends & family it will be awesome! Everyone is invited…yeah that means you! BYOB!

Saturday’s WOD:


5 rounds for time:

20 pull ups

30 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats

Rest exactly 3 minutes after each round.  Post total time (minus rest) to comments.

IMG_2381Getting some work done!

IMG_2384IMG_2387Kris keeping an eye on Keleigh’s squat….

IMG_2380Jaron’s a warrior! His first class he met Pukie 5 times…and now he’s going Chest to Bar on his  pull ups…AMAZING!

It’s working for everyone else…YES CrossFit will work for you…it just does. It’s the real deal…don’t believe me…don’t believe the photos…your first class is free…what are you waiting for?!!!

IMG_2389See you all Monday at our WOD & Party! Be there 🙂

Finally we’ve also joined up with CrossFitLeaderBoard.com. Create an account and get started on the fun! It will keep track of all your scores and progress throughout our gym and the world! Check it out today!!!!