090526 – Tuesday

090526 – Tuesday

Monday’s Memorial Day Stupid Crazy Awesome WOD:

Partner Work Out – You can only do work while your partner is in the prescribed ‘hold’ position. Split up the work between each pair as desired but you can only do the work while one partner is in the ‘hold’ position.

5 rounds for time of:
20 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls 95/75# (one in the pair must hold bottom of squat)
20 Wall Balls 20#/15#  (hold is hollow rock)
20 Pull-ups (hold is bottom of push up)
20 Burpees  (hold is bottom of squat)
20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35# (hold is bottom of push up)
20 Knees-to-elbows ( hold is superman extension position)

Post total time and partner.

This was an absolutely awesome workout…yeah it was probably harder than Murph but it was a great way to celebrate Memorial Day…plus the people there and party afterwords didn’t hurt…

IMG_2392Some group Kettlebell warming up…

IMG_2397And then the WOD!

IMG_2399IMG_2400IMG_2401Can you believe new gals Sarah & Katie walked into this on their first day…and these girls totally rocked it!

IMG_2432Are your workouts this exciting?

IMG_2467This WOD was so much fun that even our Head Trainer Kris had to get in on the action!

IMG_2426And yeah the temptation of outdoor Kettlebell Swings on Lankershim Blvd was too much for me to resist as well!

IMG_2441IMG_2449IMG_2450IMG_2452IMG_2455Curt got paired up with Kris…so you know he did some WORK!

IMG_2460IMG_2464Yeah bring the kids!

IMG_2471IMG_2476IMG_2478New gal Priscilla came with her sister Tanya…a family of CrossFitters…I love it!

IMG_2480Yeah it was hard…

IMG_2481IMG_2479IMG_2475IMG_2429IMG_2409IMG_2412IMG_2413Still Holding It!!!!

IMG_2485And Done!!!! Amazing job everyone…that wasn’t fun but it was so much Fun!

What to do now? IMG_2490Drink a few and do some stupid human tricks…

IMG_2491IMG_2492Just hanging out…

IMG_2489IMG_2506They don’t want any part…

IMG_2500Then onto single arm snatches…a gym favorite!

IMG_2509IMG_2498Yes that’s 125#!!!!

IMG_2517Then Jaron got…

IMG_2518His first Muscle Up! Welcome to the Club!!!!

IMG_2524Yeah it was another great day with some great CrossFit and some even greater people!!! See you all Tuesday for something completely different!

And don’t forget to post your results: www.crossfitleaderboard.com