090528 – Thursday


For Time:


Handstand Push Ups

Ring Dips

Push Ups

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Don’t forget, starting Monday, June 1 we will be adding a Monday  @ 6pm class (6-7pm).

Starting Tuesday, June 2, we will be adding a Tuesday @ 12:30 class (12:30-1:30).

As our gym grows, so do our classes!

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Staying true to the CFNH saying, “Your Workout Is Our Warm-up,” everyone started off with 100 kettle bell swings overhead. If you had to stop, run to the corner of the street and back and keep on going!

IMG_2604Add in some hollow rock and…IMG_2606walking lunges… now your ready to take on “JT!” Great job pushing through a hard warm up guys! 🙂

IMG_2610Excellent form on the handstand push ups guys! You make it look so easy 🙂

IMG_2613As with anything in CrossFit, you can scale it down to your level. Leah and Hillary are doing a GREAT job on assisted ring dips!

IMG_2611John and Ervin showing great form on their chest to floor push ups!

IMG_2601Jaron gave “JT” 2 thumbs up!!! See you Friday for another incredible workout at CFNH!!! 😉