090530 – Saturday

090530 – Saturday

Friday’s WOD:

From www.CrossFitFootBall.com

3 Rounds for Time: 15-10-5 reps

315# Deadlift

Sprint 20 Yards

Pull Ups

The sprint stays the same each round but the deadlift and pull ups go 15 in rounds 1 10 in round 2 5 in round 3.

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This is a completely super powerful workout…and is designed specifically for Professional NFL players but just like everything else CrossFit you can scale it to your individual fitness level and needs. Yeah most people scaled this one…all except for Josh who being a former NCAA D1 scholarship athlete himself CRUSHED it! CrossFit can help any athlete be a better athlete and any person KICK @$$!!!!!!

IMG_2683Derek’s busting out some ‘Heavy Deads’…and becoming a beast!

IMG_2677Elizabeth is doing a great job…and is improving every single class!

IMG_2673This WOD was so much fun…for me to watch 😉

IMG_2682This workout only took about 5 minutes to complete…

IMG_2678But it’ll still put you on your butt! When was the last time you had a 5 minute workout that did pretty much everything you need for the day! CrossFit baby!