090531 – Sunday

090531 – Sunday

Saturday’s WOD:
‘Tabata Something Else’

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Sit Ups


1 point per rep. One round of ‘tabata’ consists of 8 sets of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. You can only do work during the 20 seconds rest period. There is no extra time when switching movements. Do 8 sets of Pull Ups 8 sets of Push Ups 8 sets of Sit Ups 8 sets of Squats.

This was an awesome AWESOME workout! On an early Saturday morning we had a gym full of sweaty motivated CrossFitters pushing eachother on through the entire workout.

And don’t forget…Monday we’re starting our 6pm class and Tuesday we’re adding another 12:30pm class to keep up with our incredible growth of our gym!

Finally we’ve already had one CrossFitter awesome enough to grab one of our Summer Kick Off 12 Month Unlimited CrossFit packages for $599that leaves only 1 left. It’ll be gone quickly and it’s first come first serve…so if you’re ready to get Crazy Fit and save a bunch of $$$ doing it email us at crossfitnoho@gmail.com or call 818-635-6264. This deal won’t be around again.

IMG_2687Our Saturday mornings are FUN! Well not ‘fun’…but FUN…


IMG_2693After a long night out new guy  Chris had his first class…

IMG_2694and we were visited by Shawn from CrossFit Smyrna in Atlanta….

IMG_2692and it looks like they fit right in!

IMG_2695There’s just something about a room full of awesome people and Tabata’s that just put you on your back…

IMG_2696Sweat Angel…

See you all Monday. Don’t forget we are now starting our Monday 6pm class and our Tuesday 12:30pm class. Come on in and ‘Get Some’!