090602 – Tuesday

090602 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

3 Rounds for time: (95#/65#)
With a ‘battle buddy’ (partner)
40x Front Squat
40x Sumo Deadlift High Pull
40x Push Press
100x Double Unders
Barbell cannot touch ground until you start double-unders. Person A does the first 20 Person B does the second 20 of each set. If you need a rest your battle buddy must hold the bar.

Post weight time and partner to comments.

IMG_2747Our new Monday 6pm class getting some Work Done!

IMG_2721and the afternoon class getting a funky little warm up…for….

IMG_2732Battle Buddies! Don’t drop that bar!!!

IMG_2742and hold the bar for your buddy any way you can!

IMG_2736IMG_2729IMG_2739“Keep those Elbows UP!’

IMG_2758New gal (and new Momma) Robyn had her baby only 6 weeks ago…and is getting on it! What’s your excuse?!

IMG_2749IMG_2752Great job Charissa & Katie! IMG_2753IMG_2765Way to push through this one Derek & Mike!

IMG_2761and yeah..don’t drop that bar!

IMG_2769IMG_2774IMG_2775And they made it! This workout brought with it an amazing sense of accomplishment…and exhaustion…see you all tomorrow for something completely different.

And don’t forget we’re starting our Tuesday 12:30pm class tomorrow (today…Tuesday 6/2). Be there!