090603 – Wednesday

090603 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:


5 Rounds for time:

15x Dumbbell split clean

21x Pull Ups (chest to bar if you can!)

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This workout crushed me…there I said it. While I was doing it I kept tellling myself that this is my least favorite workout ever…and then when I was done just like every other CrossFit workout I thought dang that was an amazing workout. I’m  sure many of you have similar experiences. It doesn’t have to be fun to be ‘fun’!

IMG_2814Our new 12:30pm class working on their squat. The most functional movement you’re probably not doing…or if you CrossFit North Hollywooder you’re definitely doing!

IMG_2819The wall squat helping immature squats become mature squats since January!

IMG_2825Tyler crushed this workout today…he’s been crushing workouts pretty much every day!

IMG_2821Erik did this workout with kettlebells…because he’s just that awesome!

IMG_2826New guy James is learning about about CrossFit the only way…through immersion! Great job today!

IMG_2829Josh once again went up in weight…because he’s just that awesome…and still crushed it!

IMG_2834Kris helps Jesse get all the way up on her ring rows…even national taekwondo champions need to substitute movements on their first CrossFit experience…Great job girl!

IMG_2836Chee on the split clean!

IMG_2837Great job Brian chest to bar pull ups today and the whole 9!

IMG_2838Carly helps new gal Kathy through this workout. Kathy is in her 60’s and totally got after this workout! It was an incredible sight. Because CrossFit is infinitely scalable there is no reason you can’t do it…and Kathy proved that today! So what’s your excuse now?!

IMG_2833Then Josh came back for his second workout in the same day…so we gave him ‘Murph’. 1 mile run to start and finish. In the middle break up any way you like: 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 air squats…brutal…and he killed it!

IMG_2840I have photos of him like this in about 5 different spots in the gym…it…was…awesome!

IMG_2842And yeah our 8pm class got some work done!

IMG_2844Everyone loves the ‘pain cage’!

IMG_2846Dinos went up in weight and ‘got after it’! He also invented www.crossfitleaderboard.com…check it out and register! It’s like facebook for CrossFitters!

IMG_2848IMG_2851After 3 months of CrossFitting Tayna can not only do pull ups but she can do them for the workout! That’s a huge CrossFit leap!

IMG_2861That is some awesome form Greg…awesome!

IMG_2863Newest member of our family John ‘got after it’ today! And even though he did a bunch of pull ups earlier today he still killed it!

IMG_2864Leah actually came in with her hair like that it’s not from the clean.

IMG_2865Jaron did tonight’s workout with heavier weight than prescribed he also did chest to bar pull ups! He’s come a long ways…maybe it’s all the night’s he stays after class for hours and keeps trying to improve…very very cool!

IMG_2867Derek killing it.

IMG_2869I know what you’re thinking…that workout couldn’t have been enough…what was the cookie? Tabata hollow rock! Don’t know what that is? Then you better get into CrossFit North Hollywood and find out!!!!

See you all Wednesday @ 7am 12:30pm and 7pm! Yeah completely different (constantly varied).