090604 – Thursday

090604 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD:

3 rounds for max effort.

Body weight back squat (max reps)

Push-ups (max reps)

Post totals from each round to comments.

There is no timed aspect to this workout it is meant to go heavy and kick your butt! Scale as necessary as always. As soon as you finish your max effort of reps on body weight back squat immediately start push ups. What’s that you say that won’t feel good? That’s right but that’s where the gains are! Now get after ’em!


The 7am crew getting some work done!

IMG_2887Evening class opening up those darn hips for some work to be done.

IMG_2888We also learned how to break dance!









IMG_2907Yeah we threw some weight around tonight…most people don’t start at these weights or with this intensity…CrossFit is best learned by immersion: put yourself in the program  be consistent and you will see the results…you just will. It’s awesome and I have no problem saying that. You will see results you will get strong you will reach your goals. Put in the time it’s not magic but it is your best route of ‘getting there’.


Great job John!!!

IMG_2915Juan’s ready to get his results so he’s taken to personal lessons with our Head Trainer Kris. Some people use them to get ahead others want to feel more comfortable before they are with the group. Regardless of your reason it’s a great thing to try out! Interested? Email us at crossfitnoho@gmail.com for personal CrossFit lessons and programming (including nutrition) or for our very popular group training!

See you all Thursday for the same exact thing. 😉 Ahhhhhhh.