090606 – Saturday

090606 – Saturday

Saturday’s WOD:

Partner WOD:

6 Rounds for time.

15 Med Ball Cleans Each

30 Med Ball Sit Ups Partner Tosses Total

15 Knees to Elbows Each

Post partner and time to comments.

Partner WOD’s are great. We love accountability and having a partner’s workout dependent on your work pace makes you that much more accountable! Great effort.

Before I post photos I’d like to announce another new class opening up at CrossFit North Hollywood!

Friday’s 5:30 – 7pm

Happy Hour Style CrossFit!

What’s that?

Come on out pick any workout you want. Been meaning to give ‘Murph’ a shot want a new PR on ‘Fran’ or ‘Cindy’ or catch up on a WOD you missed during the week.

Yeah it’s going to be awesome. Get in get your PR and get out! If you can’t make it at 5:30 but only at 6 no worries! It’s Happy Hour CrossFit!

IMG_2981Partner sit-up Med Ball Tosses…Gotta Love that!

IMG_2992Great extension on the clean Joey! (My picture was just an instant too late or you would have seen a really beautiful clean extension!)

IMG_2990And the ladies on the catch! By the way the won the workout by almost an entire round!

IMG_2980Great job Kathy and Maura!!!

IMG_2986Great job today everyone! I’ll post photos from Thursday and Friday probably tomorrow but I’m heading out right now…got more painting to do at the gym!

See you all Monday: 7am 12:30pm 6pm & 7pm!